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학술지 Converged Distribution of 5G Media: Opportunities of Overlaid Broadcast and Emerging Applications Over Dual Connectivity
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안성준, 박성익, 안석기, 임현정, 권선형, 강진규, 강준혁
IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting, v.68 no.2, pp.501-516
22HH5500, 5G와 방송망(ATSC 3.0) 연동 전송 기술 개발, 박성익
This paper encompasses various topics for 5G-involved broadcasting under the common context converged distribution of 5G media. Particularly, two primary subtopics are addressed: An overlaid coexistence of 5G terrestrial broadcast and Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) 3.0; and dual connectivity applications built on top of the convergence between digital broadcasting and 5G unicasting. In the first part, a viable, time-sharing co-transmission system is introduced to overlay 5G Broadcast and ATSC 3.0 frames in the same radio spectrum. The system is carefully designed to comply with current 5G and ATSC 3.0 standards, so that it does not require modifications in either ATSC 3.0 or 5G specifications. To help the future planning in a technical aspect, the reliability performance is in-depth compared between 5G Broadcast and ATSC 3.0 frames, and the motivation of tower overlaying is discussed as well. Subsequently in the 2 nd part, the convergence is in parallel explored with respect to the dual connectivity. To settle a broad-ranged consensus for future convergence, various possible use cases are proposed in an application aspect. Technical, conceptual proposals and implementations are presented, specifically related to edge caching; 8K streaming (with a working prototype); large-scale software updating; data security; and location tracking. We hereby point out how dual connectivity can contribute to realistic scenarios. In turn, the scope of convergence use cases is desirably expanded, so that would encourage the initiatives bridging 5G and broadcasting into practice.
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ATSC 3.0, Advanced television systems committee(ATSC), Data security, Digital Broadcasting, Edge caching, Radio Spectrum, Technical aspects, Transmission system, Use Cases, dual connectivity, emerging applications