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학술지 Design and Implementation of a Multi-Hop Real-Time LoRa Protocol for Dynamic LoRa Networks
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Huu Phi Tran, 정우성, 유대승, 오훈
Sensors, v.22 no.9, pp.1-21
22HS2400, 5G 기반 조선해양 스마트 통신 플랫폼 및 융합서비스 개발, 유대승
Recently, LoRa (Long Range) technology has been drawing attention in various applications due to its long communication range and high link reliability. However, in industrial environments, these advantages are often compromised by factors such as node mobility, signal attenuation due to various obstacles, and link instability due to external signal interference. In this paper, we propose a new multi-hop LoRa protocol that can provide high reliability for data transmission by overcoming those factors in dynamic LoRa networks. This study extends the previously proposed two-hop real-time LoRa (Two-Hop RT-LoRa) protocol to address technical aspects of dynamic multi-hop networks, such as automatic configuration of multi-hop LoRa networks, dynamic topology management, and updating of real-time slot schedules. It is shown by simulation that the proposed protocol achieves high reliability of over 97% for mobile nodes and generates low control overhead in topology management and schedule updates. The protocol was also evaluated in various campus deployment scenarios. According to experiments, it could achieve high packet delivery rates of over 97% and 95%, respectively, for 1-hop nodes and 2-hop nodes against node mobility.
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Automatic configuration, Communication range, Data transmission, High Reliability, Industrial environment, Link reliability, LoRa networks, Long-range, Low control overhead, Mobile node(MN), Packet delivery rate
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