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학술대회 Adversarial Audio Synthesis Using a Harmonic-Percussive Discriminator
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이지현, 임형섭, 이찬우, 장인선, 강홍구
International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP) 2022, pp.961-965
21ZH1200, 초실감 입체공간 미디어·콘텐츠 원천기술연구, 이태진
In this paper, we propose a discriminator design scheme for generative adversarial network-based audio signal generation. Unlike conventional discriminators that take an entire signal as input, our discriminator separates the audio signal into harmonic and percussive components and analyzes each component independently. The rationale behind this idea is that conventional discriminators cannot reliably capture subtle distortions in audio signals, which have complicated time-frequency characteristics. By considering the time-frequency resolution of audio signals, our proposed method encourages the generator to better reconstruct harmonic and percussive features, both of which are critical for the quality of the generated signals. Listening tests show that our framework significantly enhances the stability of pitches and generates clearer piano samples compared to a baseline.
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Audio signal, Audio synthesis, Design Scheme, Signal generation, Time-frequency characteristics, generative adversarial network, listening tests, network-based, time frequency(T-F), time-frequency resolution