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학술지 Multi-Band Operation of Flat-Top Supercontinuum Laser Sources With Programmable Repetition Rate up to 50 GHz
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송민제, 최현종, 최규동, 한상필, 임승영, 이태현, 송민협
IEEE/OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology, v.40 no.11, pp.3425-3431
Optical Society of America (OSA)
21HB2800, 멀티밴드 신호전송을 위한 다중 광채널 발생/조형 기술 개발, 송민협
We present ultra-broadband flat-topped supercontinuum laser sources with programmable repetition rate, spectral bandwidth, and wavelength regime. Supercontinuum sources with multiband coverage can be achieved by merging high-repetition-rate electro-optic frequency comb techniques with optical line-by-line pulse shaping. Because nonlinear broadening in the optical wave-breaking regime does not provide the required flatness and spectral bandwidth to the comb-based sources, we iteratively manipulate the spectral amplitude and phase of the optical pulse shaper. We implemented here a smooth flat-topped supercontinuum with a 97 nm bandwidth at 10 dB and programmable repetition rate up to 50 GHz by applying a bandwidth-limited quasi-super-Gaussian apodised pulse train to a highly nonlinear medium with programmable super-Gaussian and phase coefficients. This work opens new possibilities for generating robust and coherent multiple optical carriers with further C-bands in optical networks. We believe that the supercontinuum sources based on electro-optic frequency comb and pulse shaping techniques enable the provision of coherent flat-topped optical sources, at least from the L- to S-band with a programmable repetition rate and spectral bandwidth.
KSP 제안 키워드
Electro-Optic, Flat-Top, High repetition rate, Laser Source, Line-by-line pulse shaping, Nonlinear medium, Optical network, Optical pulse, Pulse shaper, Pulse train(PT), S-Band