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학술지 Time-Invariant Features-Based Online Learning for Long-Term Notification Management: A Longitudinal Study
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이제민, 박시형, 김태호, 김형신
Applied Sciences, v.12 no.11, pp.1-12
22HS2300, 인공지능 시스템을 위한 뉴로모픽 컴퓨팅 SW 플랫폼 기술 개발, 김태호
The increasing number of daily notifications generated by smartphones and wearable devices increases mental burdens, deteriorates productivity, and results in energy waste. These phenomena are exacerbated by emerging use cases in which users are wearing and using an increasing number of personal mobile devices, such as smartphones, smartwatches, AirPods, or tablets because all the devices can generate redundant notifications simultaneously. Therefore, in addition to distraction, redundant notifications triggered by multiple devices result in energy waste. Prior work proposed a notification management system called PASS, which automatically manipulates the occurrence of notifications based on personalized models. However, machine-learning-based models work poorly against new incoming notifications because prior work has not investigated behavior changes over time. To reduce the gap between modeling and real deployment when the model is to be used long-term, we conducted a longitudinal study with data collection over long-term periods. We collected an additional 11,258 notifications and analyzed 18,407 notifications, including the original dataset. The total study spans two years. Through a statistical test, we identified time-invariant features that can be fully used for training. To overcome the accuracy drop caused by newly occurring data, we design windowing time-invariant online learning (WTOL). In the newly collected dataset, WTOL improves the F-score of the original models based on batch learning from 44.3% to 69.0% by combining online learning and windowing features depending on time sensitivity.
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Batch learning, Data Collection, Energy waste, F-score, Learning-based, Longitudinal studies, Management system, Mobile devices, Online Learning, Over time, Statistical test
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