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학술지 Automatic Tuning Receiver for Improved Efficiency and EMI Suppression in Spread Spectrum Wireless Power Transfer
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Saidul Alam Chowdhury, 김상원, 김성민, 문정익, 조인귀, 안덕주
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, v.70 no.1, pp.352-363
22ZH1100, 연결의 한계를 극복하는 초연결 입체통신 기술 연구, 박승근
In Spread-spectrum EMI suppression, transmitter (TX) frequency is continuously modulated with fast speed. Conventional RX autotuning methods cannot be used because of their slow response speed. Another limitation of conventional autotuning is their low efficiency if the incoming TX frequency is deviated far from RX nominal frequency (i.e. boundary of tunable range), even if the RX is reconfigured to tuned resonance. To solve the issues, the proposed PWM-tuning RX achieves constantly high efficiency even at the boundary of frequency tuning range. The proposed topology boosts the reflected resistance, thereby increasing the TX-to-RX efficiency compared to traditional variable tunings. We also propose an RX feedback loop which can track the fast-varying TX frequency and tune the RX capacitor accordingly. The step-response of proposed loop is fast (0.1msec) in order to be suitable for spread-spectrum EMI suppression. The tuning MOSFET achieves soft switching both at turn-on and turn-off. A simple grounded gate driving can be used. The measurement results show that the proposed ATR can improve the overall PTE by 7%~12% point for Spread-spectrum ranging from 108 to 137 kHz, enabling 19.9 dB EMI suppression.
Automatic tuning RX, Capacitors, Electromagnetic interference, Electromagnetic interference (EMI), Frequency modulation, Frequency modulation, Resistance, Resonant frequency, Spread spectrum, Topology, Tuning, Wireless power transfer
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Automatic tuning, EMI Suppression, Electromagnetic interference, Fast speed, Feedback Loop, Frequency modulation, Frequency tuning range, Improved efficiency, Resonant frequency(Fr), Soft switching, Turn-off