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학술지 Improvement in nonvolatile memory operations for metal-ferroelectric-insulator-semiconductor capacitors using HfZrO2 and ZrO2 thin films as ferroelectric and insulator layers
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김예리아론, 강승열, 우지용, 김정훈, 임종필, 윤성민, 문승언
Journal of Physics D : Applied Physics, v.55 no.33, pp.1-9
Institute of Physics (IOP)
Metal-ferroelectric-insulator-semiconductor (MFIS) capacitors were characterized to elucidate the optimum design schemes for the ferroelectric field-effect transistor applications. The Hf1-x Zr x O2 (HZO) thin films (18 nm) were prepared on the SiO2 and ZrO2 insulator layers (ILs) with different film thicknesses. The choice of 10 nm thick ZrO2 IL was found to be an optimum condition to properly balance between the values of electric fields applied to the HZO (E HZO) and ZrO2 (E IL) layers, leading to effective improvement in capacitance coupling ratio and to suppression of charge injection for the MFIS capacitors. Furthermore, the crystalline natures of the crystallized HZO films were also found to be strategically controlled on the ZrO2 ILs, which can additionally enhance the E HZO with reducing the E IL. As consequences, the MFIS capacitors using 10 nm thick ZrO2 IL exhibited the ferroelectric memory window as large as 2.5 V at an application of 짹5 V, which corresponds to 2.7 times wider value, compared to that obtained from the device using 2 nm thick SiO2 IL. Long-time memory retention and robust program endurance were also verified for the fabricated MFIS capacitors.
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As 2, Coupling ratio(CR), Ferroelectric field-effect transistor, Field-effect transistors(FETs), HZO films, Metal-ferroelectric-insulator-semiconductor, Non-Volatile Memory(NVM), Optimum condition, Optimum design, charge injection, ferroelectric memory