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학술지 Photo-Synaptic Oxide Transistors with Al2O3/SiOx Stacked Gate Dielectric Exhibiting 1024 Conduction States with Good Linearity
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임정욱, 박민아, 김지은
Advanced Electronic Materials, v.8 no.10, pp.1-5
22ZB1100, ICT 창의기술 개발, 백용순
TiO2-based photo-synaptic transistors employing a stacked SiOX/Al2O3 gate dielectric are fabricated. The trapped charges at the interface between the gate dielectric and the channel induce a channel current threshold shift that displays synaptic behavior. When a positive gate voltage pulse is applied, the transfer curve shifts positively. In contrast, the curve shifts negatively under 365혻nm wavelength UV pulses. The magnitude of the threshold shift is dependent on the optical pulse time. A 5혻ms optical pulse shifts the transfer curve to the negative direction but the semiconducting properties of the channel are maintained. Increasing the optical pulse time to 0.5 s causes the channel to exhibit metallic behavior. When optical and electrical pulses are applied alternately, reversible shifts between the metallic and semiconducting states can be induced. The pulse-paired facilitation time constants of the device for an optical pulse stimuli of 2혻ms are 0.9 s and 26.6 s, verifying excellent photo-synaptic properties. Short-term plasticity measurements revealed 1024 distinctly separate conduction states with good linearity. Synaptic potentiation and depression are simulated by applying a continuous supply of optical pulses followed by an idle dark condition and good symmetric behavior is observed.
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Channel current, Current threshold, Dark conditions, Electrical pulses, Optical pulse, Pulse time, Semiconducting properties, Trapped charge, Voltage pulse, continuous supply, gate dielectric