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학술지 PLC-Based Integrated Refractive Index Sensor Probe with Partially Exposed Waveguide
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류진화, 양회성, 박소영, 김수철, 한규원, 김현석, 조광수, 이강복
Sensors, v.22 no.15, pp.1-8
22HR4300, 연기입자 스펙트럼 분석 기반 지능형 화재감지 장비 개발, 이강복
This paper proposes a simple, high-efficiency refractive index (RI) sensor, with a structure based on the planar lightwave circuit (PLC) probe type. The optical sensor has a 1 × 2 splitter structure with reference and sensing channels, each consisting of a U-shaped waveguide structure that is configured by connecting C bends. This design allows for the sensor device to have a probe structure wherein the surface interconnected with activity devices (i.e., an optical source and optical detector) is placed on one side. The reference channel is bent with a minimum optical loss, and the sensing channel has a bent structure, involving a C-bend waveguide with a maximum loss. The C-bend waveguide with a maximum loss is conformally aligned to have a trench structure with the same bending radius, designed to selectively expose the sidewall of the core layer. The local index contrast varies depending on the material in contact with the trench, resulting in a change in the optical output power of the waveguide. The sensitivity of the proposed sensor was 0 and 2070 μW/refractive index unit (RIU) for the reference and sensing channels, respectively, as the RI changed from 1.385 to 1.445 at a 1550 nm wavelength. These results suggest that the proposed structure enables efficient RI measurement through the use of a simple dip-type method.
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1550 nm, Bend waveguide, Bending radius, Bent structure, Index contrast, Optical detector, Optical loss, Optical sensors, Output power, Planar lightwave circuit(PLC), Probe type
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