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학술지 Consistent Shielding Effectiveness Measurements for Small Enclosures in Reverberation and Semianechoic Chambers
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황정환, 박현호, 형창희, 권종화
IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, v.71, pp.1-13
22HH3200, 저비용 EMP 경량방호 소재·부품·장치 및 시설 취약성 평가 핵심기술 개발, 황정환
In this article, a correction method is proposed for removing the antenna effects when measuring the shielding effectiveness (SE) using the IEEE 299.1 standard. For a small shielding enclosure with a maximum dimension of less than 2 m, the IEEE 299.1 standard provides reverberation chamber (RC) and semianechoic chamber (SAC)-based methods for SE measurements. However, these two methods are inconsistent with each other. Even for the same enclosure, the measured SE has a different value depending on which measurement method is used. Such an inconsistency results in an incompatibility between the two approaches, and thus, the IEEE 299.1 standard uses the maximum dimension of an enclosure to determine which method should be applied for measuring the SE. The inconsistency is caused by the measurement antennas used inside and outside of an enclosure. Procedures to remove the antenna effects are also proposed here. After the removal of the antenna effects, consistency is established between the SEs measured at the RC and SAC. The SE is measured for three enclosures having an SE of 30-100 dB at 1 GHz, and the antenna effects are removed from the measured SE to investigate the consistency. The consistency is investigated at up to 16 GHz for a 100-dB enclosure. Removal of the antenna effects and the resulting consistency make it possible to measure the SE using either the RC or SAC method irrespective of the maximum dimension of the enclosure to be measured. In addition, an overestimation is prevented in the SE measurement, improving the measurement accuracy.
KSP 제안 키워드
6 GHz, Correction method, IEEE 299, Shielding effectiveness measurement, measurement accuracy, measurement method, reverberation chamber, semi-anechoic chamber, shielding enclosure