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학술지 A robust and scalable electron transparent multi-stacked graphene gate for effective electron-beam convergence in field emission digital X-ray sources
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안유정, 김성준, 고은솔, 이정웅, 박소라, 정진우, 김재우, 강준태, 윤기남, 최성훈, 김성희, 연지환, 송윤호
Applied Surface Science, v.604, pp.1-9
22HB1500, 초고밀도 ICT 제품 검사용 디지털 마이크로포커스 엑스선 튜브 개발과 이를 이용한 고생산성의 인라인 검사 장비 선도 개발, 송윤호
Recently, carbon nanotube (CNT)-based field emission digital X-ray sources have received enormous attention in medical and industrial imaging systems. For high-resolution X-ray images, the field-emitted electron-beam (e-beam) must create a small focal spot size onto an anode by properly converging and focusing of e-beam. Here, multi-stacked graphene by using a layer-by-layer (LBL) stacking method was fabricated as an electron transparent graphene gate (ETGG) for effective e-beam convergence. The ETGG that was completely made on molybdenum (Mo) apertures with scalable diameters of 300 쨉m extracted and then effectively converged e-beams onto the anode in a triode structure. From the current-voltage measurements, the ETGG reduced turn-on voltage of CNT paste emitters by approximately 24%, as compared with an aperture-gate. The e-beam area originating from the CNT paste emitters with the ETGG was largely converged (almost 77%) compared to the aperture-gate, and scattering of the primary e-beams was eliminated with an optimized collimation module. Long-term durability of the ETGG was confirmed, as the graphene on the apertures robustly remained without any deterioration even upon the 140,000 shots of several-keV-electron bombardment in pulse operation mode. These results demonstrate the potential and suitability of the ETGG for application in field emission digital X-ray sources.
KSP 제안 키워드
CNT paste, Carbon nano-tube(CNT), Current-Voltage measurements, Digital X-ray, E-Beam, Electron Beam, High-resolution, Layer-by-Layer(LbL), Long-term durability, Operation modes, Spot size