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학술지 High density integration of stretchable inorganic thin film transistors with excellent performance and reliability
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오힘찬, 오지영, 박찬우, 피재은, 양종헌, 황치선
Nature Communications, v.13, pp.1-9
Nature Research
22JB2400, 초고해상도/초유연 디스플레이 백플레인 핵심소재 기술 개발, 황치선
Transistors with inorganic semiconductors have superior performance and reliability compared to organic transistors. However, they are unfavorable for building stretchable electronic products due to their brittle nature. Because of this drawback, they have mostly been placed on non-stretchable parts to avoid mechanical strain, burdening the deformable interconnects, which link these rigid parts, with the strain of the entire system. Integration density must therefore be sacrificed when stretchability is the first priority because the portion of stretchable wirings should be raised. In this study, we show high density integration of oxide thin film transistors having excellent performance and reliability by directly embedding the devices into stretchable serpentine strings to defeat such trade-off. The embedded transistors do not hide from deformation and endure strain up to 100% by themselves; thus, integration density can be enhanced without sacrificing the stretchability. We expect that our approach can create more compact stretchable electronics with high-end functionality than before.
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Deformable interconnects, Electronic product, Inorganic semiconductors, Organic transistor, Oxide thin films, Performance and Reliability, STRETCHABLE ELECTRONICS, Thin-Film Transistor(TFT), Trade-off, end functionality, excellent performance
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