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학술지 Complex Hand Interaction Authoring Tool for User Selective Media
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송복득, 최홍규, 김성훈
Electronics, v.11 no.18, pp.1-14
22ZH1200, 초실감 입체공간 미디어·콘텐츠 원천기술연구, 이태진
Nowadays, with the advancement of the Internet and personal mobile devices, many interactive media are prevailing, where viewers make their own decisions on the story of the media based on their interactions. The interaction that the user can make is usually pre-programmed by a programmer. Therefore, interactions that users can make are limited to programmable areas. In comparison, in this paper, we propose an Interactive media authoring tool which can compose diverse two-hand interactions from several one-hand interactive components. The aim is to provide content creators with a tool to produce multiple hand motions so that they can design a variety of user interactions to stimulate the interest of content viewers and increase their sense of immersion. Using the proposed system, the content creator can gain greater freedom to create more diverse and complex interactions than programmable ones. The system is composed of a complex motion editor that edits one-hand motions into complex two-hand motions, a touchless sensor that senses the hand motion and a metadata manager that handles the metadata, which specify the settings for the interactive functions. To our knowledge, the proposed system is the first web-based authoring tool that can authorize complex two-hand motions from single hand motions, and which can also control a touchless motion control device.
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Authoring Tool, Control device, Hand interaction, Interactive Media, Media authoring, Mobile devices, Motion editor, Sense of immersion, User interaction, User selective, complex interactions
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