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학술지 Dual-function electrochromic supercapacitor with graphene electrode
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한지수, 장규현, 김대겸, 김주연, 신진욱, 황치선, Yuanzhe Piao, 김태동
International Journal of Energy Research, v.46 no.8, pp.10822-10832
16MB1100, 미래광고 서비스를 위한 에너지절감형 환경적응 I/O (Input/Output) 플랫폼 기술 개발, 황치선
In order to the immense demand for the development of energy-storage systems, layer-optimized graphene and chemically modified poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene):poly(styrenesulfonate) (PEDOT:PSS) were utilized as the electrode and electrochemical material, respectively, to fabricate a device that exhibited electrochromic and supercapacitive functions. The electrochemical properties of the device with the graphene electrode were compared with those of a similar device with ITO as the electrode, and a remarkable synergetic effect was observed in the former, likely owing to strong ?-? interactions between graphene and PEDOT:PSS. The colored and bleached transmittances of the device with the graphene electrode were 20.6% and 59.3%, respectively, at a wavelength of 650 nm, which are indicative of its electrochromic behavior. Furthermore, the galvanostatic charge/discharge curves, which are indicative of the electrochemical-energy-storage performances, were in good agreement with the clearly visible transmittance change of the device. The device with the graphene electrode exhibited a maximum areal capacitance of 1.08 mF cm?닋2 at a current density of 0.001 mA cm?닋2, which was higher than that of the ITO-based electrode. Our approach for fabricating graphene devices with modified PEDOT:PSS could be helpful in designing dual-function devices for promising electrochromic energy-storage platforms.
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4-Ethylenedioxythiophene(EDOT), 4-ethylenedioxythiophene):poly(4-styrenesulfonate)(PEDOT:PSS), Areal capacitance, Dual function, Electrochromic behavior, Electrochromic supercapacitor, Energy storage, Galvanostatic charge/discharge, Graphene Devices, Storage system, Synergetic effect
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