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학술지 Highly pixelated, untethered tactile interfaces for an ultra-flexible on-skin telehaptic system
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진한빛, 김윤정, 염우섭, 민유림, 서새롬, 임채현, 홍찬화, 권세영, 박경석, Steve Park, 김혜진
npj Flexible Electronics, v.6, pp.1-11
Nature Research
22HB1600, 고압전성 복합소재 및 초저전력 적층형 압전 센서/액추에이터 복합모듈 기술 개발, 김혜진
Realizing highly immersive tactile interactions requires a skin-integrated, untethered, high-definition tactile transducer devices that can record and generate tactile stimuli. However, the rigid and bulky form factor, and insufficient resolution of existing actuators are hindering the reproduction of sophisticated tactile sensations and immersive user experiences. Here, we demonstrate an ultra-flexible tactile interface with high spatial resolution of 1.8 mm for telehaptic communication on human skin. Dual mechanism sensors and sub-mm scale piezoceramic actuators are designed to record and generate the static and dynamic pressures in a wide frequency range (1 Hz to 1 kHz). Moreover, actuators are integrated on ultra-flexible substrate with chessboard pattern to minimize stress during mechanical deformations. Finally, remote transmissions of various tactile stimuli, such as shapes, textures, and vibration patterns were demonstrated by the telehaptic system with low latency (<1.55 ms) and high fidelity as proven by the short-time Fourier-transform analysis.
KSP 제안 키워드
Dynamic pressures, Flexible substrate, Form factor, High definition, High spatial resolution, High-fidelity, Low latency, Static and dynamic, Tactile interaction, Tactile interface, Tactile stimuli
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