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학술지 Direct patterning of colloidal quantum dots with adaptable dual-ligand surface
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함동효, 임재민, 김혁준, 신진욱, 황성권, 이승현, 장준혁, 양지혜, 임창혁, 조현우, 최범규, 조남성, 박영신, 이도창, 황의헌, 정승준, 강찬모, 강문성, 배완기
Nature Nanotechnology, v.17 no.9, pp.952-958
Nature Research
Colloidal quantum dots (QDs) stand at the forefront of a variety of photonic applications given their narrow spectral bandwidth and near-unity luminescence efficiency. However, integrating luminescent QD films into photonic devices without compromising their optical or transport characteristics remains challenging. Here we devise a dual-ligand passivation system comprising photocrosslinkable ligands and dispersing ligands to enable QDs to be universally compatible with solution-based patterning techniques. The successful control over the structure of both ligands allows the direct patterning of dual-ligand QDs on various substrates using commercialized photolithography (i-line) or inkjet printing systems at a resolution up to 15,000 pixels per inch without compromising the optical properties of the QDs or the optoelectronic performance of the device. We demonstrate the capabilities of our approach for QD-LED applications. Our approach offers a versatile way of creating various structures of luminescent QDs in a cost-effective and non-destructive manner, and could be implemented in nearly all commercial photonics applications where QDs are used.
KSP 제안 키워드
Colloidal quantum dot(CQD), LED applications, Luminescence efficiency, Non-destructive, Optoelectronic performance, Patterning technique, QD-LED, Quantum Dot(QD), Transport characteristics, Various substrates, cost-effective