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학술지 Dual-Functional Self-Attachable and Stretchable Interface for Universal Three-Dimensional Modular Electronics
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오지영, 황치선, 양용석, 송명, 김준모, 김택수, 김수정, 오힘찬, 강승열, 피재은, 구재본, 박찬우, 이효영
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, v.14 no.43, pp.49303-49312
American Chemical Society (ACS)
22JB2400, 초고해상도/초유연 디스플레이 백플레인 핵심소재 기술 개발, 황치선
Stretchable electronics have become essential for custom-built electronics, self-assembling robotics, and wearable devices. Although many stretchable electronics contain integrated systems, they still limit bulky connection systems. We introduce a new dual-functioned self-attachable and stretchable interface (SASI), allowing a direct and instant interconnection between rigid and soft electronics. The SASI consists of a sticky and stretchable substrate and surface-embedded serpentine conductors with the single-sided polyimide fabricated using the embedded transfer process. The adhesion property of the SASI is controlled by the mixed elastomer ratio. The resulting sticky and conductive SASI can instantly adhere to a metal surface and create conductive paths. The SASI serpentine conductors exhibit high stretchability (~290%) and provide self-attachable, re-attachable, and low-resistant electrical contacts (0.85 ohms in 0.25 mm2) between interfaces without pressure, heat, or extra solder. In addition, three-dimensional curved and modular electronics can be formed with the SASI by compiling functional blocks. SASI provides a novel strategy for assembling functional chips or modules for stretchable electronics, opening a path to onboard integrated electronics that are customizable by users for real-world stretchable electronics.
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Connection system, Integrated electronics, Integrated system, Real-world, STRETCHABLE ELECTRONICS, Single-sided, Stretchable substrate, Three dimensional(3D), Wearable device, adhesion properties, conductive paths