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학술대회 Preliminary Literature Survey on LoD of Geographic Information
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김경호, 김용현, 박지상, 윤대섭, 신성웅
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2022, pp.1-4
22IR4900, 디지털 국토정보 구축 효율화를 위한 다차원/다시점 공간 데이터 기반 국토정보 변화인식 및 자동갱신 기술개발, 박지상
Recently, we started the national project titled the development of automatic change detection and map composition techniques based on multidimensional /multitemporal geospatial data for efficient construction of digital national database. This project is funded by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of Korea. The key research framework of this project is to detect changed area from the multi-sensor data, extract the changed object and model, and update and manage the spatial database in consistency and timely manner. Among these, the geographic object needs to be modeled considering the level of detail (LoD) according to the application, and transition between LoDs should be supported. Prior to the development of LoD transition technology, we surveyed the research literature on LoD and classified them according to several themes.
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Change detection, Geographic Information, Geospatial Data, Multi-Sensor, National project, Research Framework, Spatial Database, level of detail, literature survey, sensor data