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학술대회 A screen of slide detection method using deep learning-based segmentation and Hough transform
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홍준영, 정성욱, 이용우, 허현범, 양혜리, 김하연, 이경재
International Technical Conference on Circuits/Systems, Computers and Communications (ITC-CSCC) 2022, pp.272-274
22HH9200, 실·가상 환경 해석 기반 적응형 인터랙션 기술 개발, 정성욱
Recently, COVID-19 has accelerated the non-contact culture. Many presentations, such as workshops and conferences, are conducted in an online and offline hybrid mode in a conference room. In presentations, a screen of the slide is particularly important. Therefore, we propose an algorithm that detects the screen in an image. Firstly, a screen region is extracted using a deep learning-based instance segmentation method. However, this extracted region has a noisy boundary. We designed an image processing algorithm composed of 7 main steps to solve this noise and detect the screen. To validate the proposed method, a real dataset was qualitatively evaluated, and the result images show that only meaningful screen regions in the test image can be extracted.
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Detection Method, Image Processing algorithm, Learning-based, Non-contact, Online and Offline, deep learning(DL), hough transform, hybrid mode, segmentation method