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학술대회 Design of Multi-resonant Loop Antenna for Magnetic Induction Communication
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오정훈, 조인귀, 이현준, 김장열
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2022, pp.2086-2088
22HH3500, [전문연구실] 10pT급 미소자계 기반 중장거리 자기장 통신기술, 조인귀
Unlike high-frequency (2.4 GHz) communication of electromagnetic (EM) wave-based IoT, magnetic induction (MI) communication using magnetic field using low frequency (several kHz to hundreds of kHz) enables communication in extreme environments such as metal, underwater, underground, and building collapse debris. In this way, the range of wireless communication can be expanded. In this paper, we propose a resonant loop antenna design method with high magnetic field generation efficiency to overcome the shortcomings of long-distance application of M1 -communications according to the magnetic field properties that decrease rapidly with distance. In addition, we propose a method of extending the bandwidth (BW) by overlapping the resonant loop antenna with narrow BW, and by manufacturing and testing the actual loop antenna, the proposed multi-resonant loop antenna increases the BW by more than 50% compared to the single loop antenna.
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2.4 GHz, Antenna design method, Building collapse, High Frequency(HF), Long-distance, Loop antenna, Magnetic field(MF), Single-loop, electromagnetic (EM) wave, extreme environments, generation efficiency