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학술대회 Downlink Control Information Analysis of UEs according to Service Types at LTE Cell Edge
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함경준, 한민호, 권혜연
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2022, pp.1983-1985
22HH2500, 주파수 확보 및 공급 기반 기술개발, 박승근
Although 5G network services are widely distributed, they are not yet used as a standalone network, and a significant number of users are still using Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks. Therefore, it is important to ensure efficient use of radio frequencies through LTE network monitoring and quality measurement. In this study, the characteristics of each mobile service type such as video streaming or video conferencing are analyzed using a mobile traffic measuring tool, and a comparative analysis between the cell-center User Equipment (UE)s and the cell-edge UEs is performed. Through this, we verify that the possibility of inferring the service type and signal environments using LTE control information from a physical channel.
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5G Network, Cell-Edge, Comparative analysis, Information analysis, LTE network, Long term Evolution(LTE), Mobile services, Mobile traffic, Network service, Number of users, Physical Channel