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학술대회 Device Driver Emulator for Parallel Computing Accelerator Simulator supporting OpenCL
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임은지, 안신영, 김영호, 박유미
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2022, pp.2352-2355
22JS1100, 슈퍼컴퓨터개발 선도사업 총괄 및 슈퍼컴 프로세서 기반 계산노드 통합 개발, 한우종
In order to develop a high-performance computing system, not only a high-performance processor and accelerator, but also the system software for optimizing system performance and providing an efficient programming environment is essential. We are developing a device driver for a new parallel computing accelerator (called XPU). The driver aims to support OpenCL and control the XPU. As a first step, we developed XPU driver emulator (XDE) based on the XPU simulator to validate the design of the XPU hardware and device driver prior to hardware manufacturing. XDE supports OpenCL and offloads parallel computations to XPU simulator. XDE allows early development of runtime and compiler. This paper presents the architecture, functions, and operational flow of the XDE. This provides an opportunity to understand the XPU device driver to be developed in the future and technical considerations for the co-designing of hardware and system software.
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Co-designing, Device driver, Early development, High-performance computing systems, Parallel computing, Programming environment, System performance, parallel computation, system software