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학술대회 An Open Source-based Digital Twin Broker Interface for Interaction between Real and Virtual Assets
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임영재, 이양구, 유재준, 윤대섭
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2022, pp.1657-1659
22PR4200, 다중 디지털 트윈 상호운용성을 위한 지식 기반 제조 머신 분석 및 최적화 기술 개발, 이양구
In this paper, we propose an open source-based digital twin broker interface that can realize interaction through data and event exchange between real and virtual assets. Online simulation of interactions between existing and new assets through digital twins is very useful for introducing new assets or processes into a smart factory environment where existing assets are already built. The proposed digital twin-based interaction broker is implemented based on the Eclipse Ditto open-source platform as an interface for exchanging status data and control events between real and virtual assets. In order to verify the performance of the broker interface, we built a digital twin for an indoor cooperative logistic testbed system consisting of real assets such as two AMRs, a charging station, and a conveyor. And to interact with them, we implemented a digital twin simulation module consisting of a virtual crane and forklift. Through the proposed broker interface, an experiment was conducted to create a situation in which real AMRs recognize and avoid when routes were interrupted by virtual crane and forklift within a common work area. As a result, we confirmed that the proposed broker interface supports smooth interaction between two digital twins.
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Digital Twin, Factory environment, Open-source platform, Real assets, Smart Factory, Status data, charging station, online simulation