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학술대회 A Functional Verification Study of Quantum Key Distribute Networks and Services with a Trusted Node applied in KOREN
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박상길, 이용선, 정연서, 주정진, 남기동, 박성수
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2022, pp.1663-1666
22HB2600, QKD 프로토콜간 상호 운용성 확보를 위한 신뢰노드 코어 및 인터페이스 개발, 박성수
The development of quantum cryptographic communication technology and the establishment of quantum cryptographic communication infrastructure and services have been presented in the public and private business sectors. In this paper, quantum cryptography communication equipment from various vendors is established in the Korea Advanced Research Network (KOREN) operated by the National Information Society Agency(NIA), and functions and interoperability are verified in the test network. So far, basic verification standards and operation guidelines for quantum cryptography communication equipment have not been established. In this paper, we would like to examine the basic functions, linkage functions, and long-term driving requirements of each device that provides quantum cryptography communication services.
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AND operation, Basic functions, Communication equipment, Communication services, Functional verification, Information Society, Long-term driving, Public and private, Quantum cryptography, Trusted Node, Verification standards