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학술대회 Enabler Development Platform for Hyper-connected Common Networking Services
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곽병옥, 류호용, 김태연
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2022, pp.2309-2311
22HH7200, 초연결 공통 네트워킹 서비스 연구인프라 구축, 류호용
It is necessary to establish a networking-based convergence service research infrastructure that supports the development, testing, and demonstration of future new industry services and products that can create digital business models and new values according to the changes in the digital ecosystem of the 4th industry. In this paper, we provide the enabler development tool, which is the most basic and core functional component required for the development of ICT convergence products or services, and provide the enabler on the service platform, which can be used as a continuous sharing economy marketplace among industrial ecosystem members. We would like to propose an enabler development tool for a hyper-connected common networking service platform.
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Convergence products, Development tools, Digital Ecosystem, Functional components, Hyper-connected, ICT convergence, Industrial ecosystem, Research infrastructure, Sharing economy, development platform, digital business models