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학술대회 Performance Evaluation of ATSC 3.0 Preamble for TxID Signal-Injected Use Cases
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임보미, 안석기, 안성준, 권선형, 박성익
International Symposium on Broadband Multimedia Systems and Broadcasting (BMSB) 2022, pp.1-5
22HH5500, 5G와 방송망(ATSC 3.0) 연동 전송 기술 개발, 박성익
Advanced Systems Television Committee (ATSC) 3.0, the recently developed next-generation digital terrestrial television (DTT) standard, supports an enhanced single frequency network (SFN) for efficient spectrum usage. For constructing a nationwide SFN, transmitter identification (TxID) is a key technology that enables controlling transmitters and analyzing propagation channels between individual transmitters and a receiver. However, since the TxID signal is superimposed on the first preamble symbol of the host ATSC signal, the preamble may be contaminated depending on the injection level of the TxID signal. This paper describes the effects of the TxID signal on the preamble symbol according to the injection levels and protection modes from theoretical and practical perspectives.
KSP 제안 키워드
ATSC 3.0, Digital Terrestrial Television, Injection level, Key technology, Next-generation, Performance evaluation, Propagation Channel, Transmitter Identification, Use Cases, advanced systems, single frequency network(SFN)