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학술지 Programmable and tunable fat-top supercontinuum laser sources via electro-optic intensity and phase modulation scheme
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송민협, 송민제, 임승영, 최현종, 이태현, 최규동, 정영진, 안준태
Scientific Reports, v.12, pp.1-8
Nature Research
22HB1200, 멀티밴드 신호전송을 위한 다중 광채널 발생/조형 기술 개발, 송민협
In this study, we presented flat-topped coherent supercontinuum lasers with tunable repetition rates and programmable spectral bandwidths. Supercontinuum sources with ultra-broadband and high-repetition-rate coverage can be achieved by merging nonlinearly broadened electro-optic optical frequency combs with optical line-by-line spectrum shaping. Spectral bandwidth programming is implemented by iterative spectrum shaping and input power control of highly nonlinear stages, whereas repetition rate tuning is performed by modulation speed control in optical frequency combs. Herein, we implemented a programmable and tunable flat-topped supercontinuum with a maximum bandwidth and repetition rate of 55혻nm at 10혻dB and 50혻GHz, respectively. To clarify the coherence of the supercontinuum during tuning and programming, we performed a phase-noise analysis. We proposed a remarkably modified self-heterodyne method to measure the phase noise of each mode precisely by filtering specific supercontinuum taps in a Mach?밵ehnder interferometer. With this method, it has been proved that the single-sideband spectra in each mode are almost similar to that of the RF clock, indicating that our programmable and tunable supercontinuum generation process added minimal degradation to the phase noise properties. This study shows possibilities for generating hundreds of programmable and tunable flat-topped optical carriers with robustness and coherence.
KSP 제안 키워드
Electro-Optic, Heterodyne method, High repetition rate, Input power, Laser Source, Line spectrum, Modulation scheme, Power control(PC), Self-heterodyne, Speed control, Tunable supercontinuum
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