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학술대회 A Comparison of Camera Pose Data using Images with Different Focus Mode in Free-viewpoint Data Acquisition System
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오아름, 최중용, 김현주, 지형근
International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE) 2022 : Asia, pp.600-601
22IH2700, 초고해상도 기가픽셀 3D 데이터 생성 기술 개발, 지형근
In this paper, we preset the comparison of camera pose data according to photographs by focus mode of DSLR in free viewpoint data acquisition apparatus. Camera pose data from autofocus and manual focus mode of a camera are extracted using COLMAP and analyzed with pose data from a position sensor during shooting in each mode. The compared results prove that camera pose data in autofocus mode are more robust and closer to the pose sensor one than the data in manual mode. The outcome represent that autofocus mode has more usefulness for 3D data acquisition in cultural heritage field. Future research will aim to investigate more camera pose data from 2D and 3D objects and find a relevant measurement method for performance examination.
KSP 제안 키워드
2D-3D, 3D data, 3D object, Camera pose, Cultural Heritage, Data Acquisition(DAQ), data acquisition system, free viewpoint, measurement method, position sensor