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학술대회 Implementation and Performance Evaluation of Wideband Channel Sounder at 159 GHz
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김명돈, 권헌국, 김경원, 이주열, 박재준
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2022, pp.2322-2325
22HH4200, THz 대역 주파수 개척 및 안전성 평가 기술 개발, 김명돈
Recently, numerous research activities to upgrade the peak data rate to 1Tbit/s for 6G wireless communications are being actively conducted. The sub-terahertz band from 100 to 300 GHz is considered as a potential candidate frequency band because it is possible to secure a very wide bandwidth. Although the sub-THz band is expected to have severe path loss than the existing cellular bands, it is necessary to study channel modeling through field measurements in various indoor and outdoor environments. In this paper, we introduce a newly implemented channel sounder with a carrier frequency of 159 GHz, and conduct performance tests to verify the measurement capabilities of the system such as path loss and multipath distribution characteristics.
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300 GHz, Carrier frequency, Channel Sounder, Channel modeling, Field measurement, Indoor and outdoor environments, Multipath distribution, Path loss, Performance Test, Performance evaluation, Sub-THz