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학술대회 Digital Twin Federation and Data Validation Method
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Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications (APCC) 2022, pp.445-446
22HR8100, 지능형 디지털 트윈 연합 객체 구성 및 데이터 프로세싱 기술 개발, 백명선
Digital twin is a technology developed to solve problems in the real world or to optimize processes and systems in the real world. Digital twins virtually replicate various objects in the real world, and based on this, simulations in the digital world can be performed at low cost to solve or optimize problems in the real world. Until now, these digital twin technologies have been designed and developed to target a single system or single process. Recently, some researchers and developers have tried to optimize a more complex world or to solve complex problems by using digital twin. The concept that emerged based on this is the federated digital twin, which organically unites multiple digital twins. However, the first procedure for effective operation of multiple digital twins is to verify the integrity and validity of data. In this paper, a data validation method for constructing the federated digital twin is introduced.
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And systems, Data Validation, Digital Twin, Digital world, Effective operation, Low-cost, Real-world, Single system, complex problems