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학술대회 An Implementation of Retrieving Situation-Aware Information for Emergency Incident
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변성원, 권은정, 박현호, 정의석
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2022, pp.1932-1934
22IR1700, 112 긴급출동 의사결정 지원 시스템 개발, 변성원
In emergency events such as violence, traffic accident and wild fire, the on-site agents like police man and fire fighters respond to various situations of the events. When an agent manages the on-site situations, the quality of the management can differ from one agent to another. One way to improve the quality is that agents have proper knowledge. However, the knowledge requires field experiences and trainings. On other hand, it can be helpful to aid the agents to take appropriate actions for each situation by providing context-aware information of the event. The agents can respond more effectively to a situation when they have useful information related to the situation. Since, the providing appropriate information is required for effective managing situation, which can be implemented through the method proposed in this paper.
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Context aware, Emergency events, On-Site, Situation-Aware, Traffic accident, Wild fire