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학술지 Position Estimation of Multiple Receiving Coils and Power Transmission Control for WPT without Feedback
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허준, 김상원, 조인귀, 박용배
Energies, v.15 no.22, pp.1-11
22ZH1100, 연결의 한계를 극복하는 초연결 입체통신 기술 연구, 박승근
It is important to determine the position of the receiver (Rx) coils in wireless power transfer (WPT) system, and to control the power transmitted to the Rx coil based on this result. In particular, in a situation where there is no feedback between the primary side and the secondary side, it is difficult to control the received power because the information is limited. In this paper, a method for determining the position of the Rx coils and controlling the received power using limited parameters in a feedback-free WPT system is proposed. The proposed method is verified by constructing a (Formula presented.) WPT system, and it is validated that the simulation result and the experimental result are consistent well. Furthermore, arbitrary power can be transmitted to the Rx coil based on the result of the position of the Rx coil. The experiment is conducted by transmitting about (Formula presented.) to Rx 1 and Rx 2, and the efficiency for Rx 1 is about (Formula presented.), Rx 2 is (Formula presented.), and the overall efficiency is confirmed to be (Formula presented.).
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Experimental Result, Formula presented, Position Estimation, Power transmission control, Received power, Secondary side, Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) system, overall efficiency, primary side
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