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학술대회 Free-viewpoint based high-resolution 3D data acquisition and generation technology for the construction and diffusion of digital cultural assets
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김현주, 최중용, 오아름, 지형근
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2022, pp.2124-2126
22IH2700, 초고해상도 기가픽셀 3D 데이터 생성 기술 개발, 지형근
3D scanning technology and photogrammetry technology are representative technologies for generating three-dimensional data, and are widely used in various fields. However, they are still insufficient to support high-precision 3D meshes and high-resolution textures. In particular, 3D data with high-precision and high-resolution are important in fields that require minimal error from the original, such as cultural heritage preservation and restoration. Therefore, in this paper, we propose free-viewpoint based high-resolution 3D data acquisition and generation technology that can overcome the shortcomings of these technologies and provide their advantages. We also present the prototypes of the hardware acquisition equipment and guide viewer and some experiment results of this technique.
KSP 제안 키워드
3D Mesh, 3D data, 3D scanning technology, Cultural assets, Cultural heritage preservation, Data Acquisition(DAQ), Experiment results, Generation technology, High-resolution, Three dimensional(3D), high-precision