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학술대회 Propagation characteristics of various highway V2V environment at 5.9GHz Band
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김청섭, 김혁제, 최성웅, 류관웅, 김준석
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2022, pp.2026-2030
22HH9900, 민·군 공유주파수 환경기반 적응형 간섭 저감기술 개발, 김청섭
Recently, there is a fast development of intelligent cars and autonomous vehicles grows, vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology connected to roads is developing. In particular, cooperative Intelligent Transport System(C-ITS) technology, which closely linked with infrastructure such as motorways in urban areas and highways in rural areas, is required. So, a new communication scheme needs to be devised that suits not to the conventional channel model but to the new radio channel that takes the propagation among the infra, vehicles, and drivers into account. It becomes of paramount importance to analyze the parameters of the new channel, to extract propagation and channel parameters, to compare with conventional parameters, and to establish a new channel model for the commercialization of the next-generation V2X. In particular, in the case of Vehicle-to-Vehicle(V2V), in which transmitting and receiving vehicles run simultaneously, it is expected that the channel changes over time due to various structures, vehicle travel directions and relative speeds, etc. Thus, wireless networking in the V2V has metallic vehicles as the major players, which results in significantly different parameters for the real-world V2V from those extracted from the conventional cellular scenarios. Therefore, it is very important to establish proper scenarios that best suit to the V2V and to study on the estimation of the channel parameters.
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Autonomous vehicle, C-ITS, Channel parameters, Fast development, GHz band, Intelligent Transport Systems(ITS), Next-generation, Over time, Propagation characteristics, Real-world, Rural areas