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학술지 Improving the Accuracy of the Effective Atomic Number (EAN) and Relative Electron Density (RED) with Stoichiometric Calibration on PCD-CT Images
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손기홍, 김대홍, 이수열
Sensors, v.22 no.23, pp.1-11
The photon counting detector (PCD) in computed tomography (CT) can count the number of incoming photons in order to obtain energy information for photons corresponding to user-defined thresholds. Research on the extraction of effective atomic number (EAN) and relative electron density (RED) using dual-energy CT (DECT) is currently underway. This study proposes a method for improving EAN and RED accuracy of tissue-equivalent materials by using PCD-CT-based stoichiometric calibration. After obtaining DECT images in energy bin (EB) and full spectrum (FS) modes for eight tissue-equivalent materials, the EAN was calculated with stoichiometric calibration. Using the EAN image, the RED image was acquired to evaluate the accuracy. The errors of both EAN and RED obtained with EB were within 4%. In particular, the accuracy of RED was higher than that of the FS method. Study results indicate that PCD-CT contributes to improving EAN and RED accuracy. Further studies will be aimed at reducing ring artifacts by pixel-correcting PCD images and improving stopping power ratio (SPR) measurements for dose calculation in particle therapy.
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CT image, Computed tomography(C.T), Dose calculation, Effective atomic number, Energy Information, Energy bin, Equivalent materials, Full Spectrum, Particle therapy, Photon counting detector, Ring artifacts
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