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학술대회 Propagation Characteristics of Indoor Channels at 7.1 GHz Frequency Band
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김준석, 홍주연, 임종수, 정영준
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2022, pp.1762-1765
22HH2700, 선제적 주파수 이용을 위한 시·공간적 스펙트럼 엔지니어링 기술 개발, 정영준
Modeling and understanding of propagation channel characteristics are necessary to develop wireless communication systems, e.g. transmitter and receiver hardware, modulation and demodulation algorithms. Indoor environments as propagation channels are important because of the complex multipath propagation characteristics and the massive usage of wireless communications in the indoor environments. Among the indoor environments, industrial environments are used for emerging massive machine type communication (mMTC), and conference room and lecture room are widely used for typical indoor wireless scenario. In this paper, we introduce indoor propagation channel measurements in industrial, conference room, and lecture room environments at 7.1 GHz frequency band. Channel parameters such as path loss exponent, shadow fading, delay spread, and K-factor are extracted from the measurements.
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Channel Characteristics, Channel measurement, Channel parameters, Delay spread, Demodulation algorithms, Indoor Environment, Industrial environment, Machine-type-communication(MTC), Modulation and demodulation, Propagation Channel, Propagation characteristics