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학술지 생애이력 기반 특고압 전기설비 안전관리 서비스를 위한 시스템 기술 개발
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안윤영, 정상우
전기학회논문지, v.71 no.12, pp.1903-1908
대한전기학회 (KIEE)
22PR2100, 생애이력 관리를 통한 전기설비 안전관리기술 개발, 안윤영
Accidents occurring in high-voltage electrical equipment cause human injury, so the demand for accident prevention and maintenance of electrical equipment is increasing. ICT technology has been introduced to safety management services, which have been mainly managed based on human, and an electrical safety management system is developing to prevent electrical disasters and electrical equipment failures. The personal electric equipment is defined as a power distribution system that receives the electricity with a voltage of 1000 V or more or a receiving capacity of 75kW or more from a utility and uses the electricity at the receiving location such as a building or a factory. This paper describes the implementation of a system to provide safety management services of electrical equipment based on the life cycle, including the installation, inspection, safety management, and disposal of high voltage electrical installations. And it shows the demonstration site to which the development system is applied.
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Electrical installation, High-voltage electrical equipment, Human injury, Life Cycle, Management services, accident prevention, development system, electric equipment, electrical safety management, power distribution system, safety management system
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