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학술대회 Uncertainty-Resolving Questions for Social Robots
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신민정, 장민수, 조미영, 유제광
International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) 2023, pp.226-230
22HS6600, 스스로 불확실성을 자각하며 질문하면서 성장하는 에이전트 기술 개발, 장민수
Social robots should deal with uncertainties in unseen environments and situations in an interactive setting. For humans, questionanswering is one of the most typical activities for resolving or reducing uncertainty by acquiring additional information, which is also desirable for social robots. In this study, we propose a framework for leveraging the research on learning-by-asking techniques for social robots. This framework is inspired by human inquiries. Information seeking by asking should be considered at the multi-dimensional level, including required knowledge, cognitive processes, and question types. These dimensions offer a framework to embed generated questions into the three-dimensional question space, which is expected to provide a reasonable benchmark for the active learning approach and evaluation methodologies of uncertainty-resolving question generation for social robots.
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Cognitive processes, Information seeking, Learning approach, Question generation, Three dimensional(3D), active learning(AL), additional information, evaluation methodology, multi-dimensional, social robot