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학술지 CMOS Detector Staggered Array Module for Sub-Terahertz Imaging on Conveyor Belt System
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이문정, 이하늘, 이가은, 한성태, 강동우, 양종렬
Sensors, v.23 no.3, pp.1-15
23HB2600, 멀티밴드 신호전송을 위한 다중 광채널 발생/조형 기술 개발, 송민협
A complementary metal?뱋xide?뱒emiconductor (CMOS) detector array is proposed to improve the sub-terahertz imaging resolution for objects in the conveyor belt system. The image resolution is limited to the implemented configuration, such as the wide spacing in the detector array, the high conveyor belt speed, and the slow response of the signal conditioning block. The proposed array can improve the image resolution in the direction perpendicular to the movement of the belt, which is determined by the size and interval of the detector pixel, by configuring the array into two replaceable columns located at the misaligned horizontal positions. Replaceable detector unit pixels are individually attached to the motherboard after measuring and evaluating the detection performance to construct the proposed array. The intensities of 32 detector pixels placed under the conveyor belt with a width of 160 mm were initially calibrated in every image, including the beam pattern of 0.2 THz signals generated from the gyrotron. The image resolution of the perpendicular direction obtained from the proposed array was measured to be approximately 5 mm at a conveyor belt speed of 16 mm/s, demonstrating a 200% improvement in resolution compared to the conventional linear array under the same conditions.
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Beam pattern, CMOS detector, Image resolution, Imaging resolution, Staggered array, THz signals, Terahertz imaging, belt speed, conveyor belt, detection performance, linear array
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