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학술대회 Enhancement Approach of Ray-tracing Algorithm for Propagation Prediction at the MM-Wave Band
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정명원, 김종호, 윤영근, 김정욱, 김성철
International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter and Terahertz Waves (IRMMW-THz) 2010, pp.1-2
10MR1900, 스펙트럼 공학 및 밀리미터파대 전파자원 이용기술개발, 김창주
The reflection characteristics of building materials at the millimeter (MM) wave band are needed for development MM-wave application such as Giga-bytes indoor communication systems. Because reflection characteristics in the MM-wave band is dependent on the condition of measurement environments and has so little measurement data. To enhance these problems, we have studied propagation characteristics in the MM-wave band. In this paper, we set up the measurement system and measured the propagation characteristics of samples with periodic and random rough surfaces. Their results compared with measurement and simulation results at the 60 GHz. We have numerical simulation for dependence of electrical property. Also, the energy estimation of scattered reflection according to the rough surfaces simulated. Finally, we propose the simple approach (2 ray path model) for ray-tracing algorithm. This approach can be directly applied to the estimation of multipath signal strength in ray tracing by weighting factor for propagation prediction.
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60 GHz, Building materials, Communication system, Indoor communication, Measurement environments, Numerical simulations, Path model, Propagation characteristics, Propagation prediction, Random rough surfaces, Ray path