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학술대회 Human Body Communication System with FSBT
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박형일, 임인기, 강성원, 김환우
International Symposium on Consumer Electronics (ISCE) 2010, pp.1-5
10MF1300, 60GHz CMOS Beam Forming 공통 플랫폼 기술개발, 박성수
There are some leakage radiations from human body depending on incoming signals to it. As there are many noises in the frequency band spanning several MHz, human body communication (HBC), which is a technique to transfer various information through the human body as a communication channel, requires a limitation of frequencies and data rates to support a reliable network that can cope with interference from adjacent users and electrical devices. This paper proposes a frequency selective baseband transmission (FSBT) for HBC. FSBT requires no RF/IF components or overhearing in sleep mode as a service based on Touch-And-Play (TAP). The proposed HBC system supports high reliability, low power consumption, and low cost through FSBT. We achieved a biterror rate of 10-6 at 2 Mbps without forward error correction and verified the functions of the prototypes to transfer streaming data or image files between ultra-mobile PCs, or an ultra-mobile PC and printer. © 2010 IEEE.
Body area network (BAN), Component, Frequency selective baseband transmission (FSBT), Human body communication (HBC), Touch-and-play (TAP)