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학술대회 Mini Piezoelectric Power Generator with Multi-Frequency Response
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고상춘, 제창한, 전치훈
Eurosensors 2010, pp.770-773
09MB4900, Batteryless TPMS 구현을 위한 MEMS 기반 핵심부품 기술개발, 전치훈
This paper reports mini piezoelectric power device with multi-frequency response, which works as a power generator under a mechanical vibration environment. It has a 0.192 mm thick PZT-5A piezoelectric bulk film on a 0.1 mm thick Invar42 metal plate, which has a good performance for thermal treatment process. The maximum output power in the C123 cantilever, which has electrically connected in parallel with CI, C2 and C3 cantilevers, is 162 μW at 113 Hz with input drive of 5g acceleration. The output AC voltage of mini piezoelectric power generator is 19.7 Vp-p and load impedance is 150 k廓 at 113 Hz with input drive of 5g. The acquired device performance was tested by using B&K vibration exciter 4808. Additionally, we demonstrated LED lighting test, which works as a mini piezoelectric power generator under device was mounted on the vacuum pump, which excited 짹5g acceleration.
Multi-frequency response, Piezoelectric power generation, PZT, Vibration energy harvesting
KSP 제안 키워드
2 mm, AC voltage, Energy Harvesting(EH), Frequency response(FreRes), Led lighting, Metal Plate, Multi-Frequency, Piezoelectric power generation, Power device, Thermal treatments, Treatment process