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학술대회 3.54GHz 10W Envelope Tracking Amplifier with 43% Efficiency Utilizing the 1.5 Bit-High Efficiency Envelope Amplifier
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김준형, 조권도, 오정훈, 김영훈, 이광천, 정재호
Topical Conference on Power Amplifiers for Wireless and Radio Applications (PAWR) 2011, pp.21-24
10MI4200, 차세대 이동통신 기지국용 Class-S 전력증폭기 기술 연구, 정재호
This paper presents a 1.5 bit (3-level) envelope amplifier to improve the overall efficiency of wideband high linearity envelope tracking power amplifier. The proposed envelope amplifier has been devised with two switches providing the different supply voltages. Since the unnecessary current (ripple current) induced by a switching stage can be reduced by the multi-level quantization, the efficiency of a proposed envelope amplifier is 5% higher compared with that of a conventional architecture. With the proposed envelope amplifier, we have designed and implemented the 3.54GHz high efficiency envelope tracking power amplifier using a commercial 60W PEP GaN device. The efficiency boosting effect is further verified by the measured results. The experiment results show that the envelope tracking power amplifier operates at drain efficiency (DE) of 43.6% and power added efficiency (PAE) of 39.2% and a gain of 10.1dB at average output power of 40 dBm for a 10MHz WiMAX signal with 8.5 dB peak-toaverage power ratio (PAPR). By using digital predistortion function, the adjacent channel leakage ratio (ACLR) is less than -45.4dBc at 20MHz offset. © 2011 IEEE.
Digital pre-distortion, Envelope amplifier, Envelope tracking, Power amplifier
KSP 제안 키워드
3-Level, Adjacent channel leakage ratio(ACLR), Boosting effect, Envelope Tracking Amplifier, Envelope Tracking Power Amplifier, Envelope-tracking(ET), Experiment results, GaN device, Multi-level, Output power, Peak-to-Average-Power-Ratio(PAPR)