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학술대회 60% High-Efficiency 3G LTE Power Amplifier with Three-Level Delta Sigma Modulation Assisted By Dual Supply Injection
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김준형, 이성준, 정재호, 박철순
International Microwave Symposium (IMS) 2011, pp.1-4
11MI1900, 차세대 이동통신 기지국용 Class-S 전력증폭기 기술 연구, 정재호
This paper presents a new power amplifier architecture incorporating a multi-level envelope delta sigma modulation (EDSM) encoder together with a dynamic bias control method to improve the overall efficiency. The proposed transmitter was developed based on a 3-level encoding process for quantizing the non-constant envelope signal. Therefore, the power amplifier is always operated under only a two-state output power level (maximum and 6dB back-off levels), achieving high efficiency. To maintain this high efficiency at a 6dB back-off output level, a lower DC supply voltage is supplied from a dual supply network (DSN) assisted on a digital process block. Using the proposed efficiency enhancement method, we have designed and implemented a 2.6GHz high-efficiency Class-J power amplifier (PA) using a commercial 10W PEP GaN device and a simple dual supply network. The experimental results show that, if the 0.51dB power loss of the band pass filter is de-embedded, the proposed power amplifier delivers a drain efficiency (DE) of 59.8% and power added efficiency (PAE) of 55.6%, with a gain of 11.1dB at an average output power of 34.5 dBm, for a 10 MHz 3G LTE signal with a 8.5 dB peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR). © 2011 IEEE.
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3-Level, 3G LTE, Back-off, Band pass Filter(BPF), Bias control, Class-J power amplifier, Constant Envelope(CE), Dc supply, De-embedded, Delta-Sigma Modulation, Digital process