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학술지 Measurement-Based Stochastic Cross-Correlation Models of a Multilink Channel in Cooperative Communication Environments
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박재준, 김명돈, 권헌국, 정현규, Xuefeng Yin, Yaoyao Fu
ETRI Journal, v.34 no.6, pp.858-868
한국전자통신연구원 (ETRI)
11PI1300, IMT-Advanced 기반 광대역 무선채널 특성연구, 정현규
In this paper, stochastic models for the cross-correlation of multiple channels are established based on measurement data collected using a wideband multiple-input multiple-output relay Band Exploration and Channel Sounder system at 3.7 GHz. We propose models for the cross-correlation characteristics of large-scale parameters (LSPs) between two links, that is, the base station and mobile station (MS) link and the relay station and MS link. The LSPs include shadow fading, Rician K-factor, delay spread, angle spread of arrival, and angle spread of departure. Furthermore, models are established for the cross-correlation of the small-scale fading in the impulse responses of two links. The statistics of these model parameters are investigated as functions of geometrical features of the multilink. They are extracted from a large amount of cross-correlation observations, which are obtained in three measurement sites along more than one hundred measurement routes. These models can be used together with the standard single-link channel models for the generation of correlated components, for example, path clusters, in two separate channels. © 2012 ETRI.
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Angle spread, Channel Sounder, Cooperative Communication, Correlated components, Correlation models, Cross-Correlation, Data collected, Delay spread, Geometrical Features, Mobile station(MS), Model parameter