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학술대회 통신 탑재체 부품 개발 위험 관리 Case Study
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정철오, 은종원
항공우주시스템공학회 학술 대회 (춘계) 2011, pp.85-88
11PR1200, 통해기위성 Ka대역 통신탑재체 우주인증 및 실용화 검증기술 개발, 안도섭
The scope of this paper is to show a risk management plan including how to perform risk assessment and to make a mitigation plan aspects of the communication payload system development. According to system engineering management guide of DoD of USA and risk management plan of satellite communication system, risk assessment and mitigation plan of communication payload system were performed. In this paper, it is indicated the process of risk management and risk assessment procedures as well as mathematical model for risk assessment of DoD guide. It is shown how risk assessment and mitigation plan have implemented in communication payload system development through case study.
KSP 제안 키워드
Assessment procedures, Case studies, Mathematical model, Risk assessment, Risk management plan, satellite communication system, system development, system engineering management(SEM)