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학술지 Enhanced TFRC for High Quality Video Streaming over High Bandwidth Delay Product Networks
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이성희, 노현석, 이현우, 정광수
Journal of Communications and Networks, v.16 no.3, pp.344-354
14MR1300, 상황인지형 Tele-Screen 시스템 기술 개발, 류원
Transmission control protocol friendly rate control (TFRC) is designed to mainly provide optimal service for unicast applications, such as multimedia streaming in the best-effort Internet environment. However, high bandwidth networks with large delays present an environment where TFRC may have a problem in utilizing the full bandwidth. TFRC inherits the slow-start mechanism of TCP Reno, but this is a time-consuming process that may require many round-trip-times (RTTs), until an appropriate sending rate is reached. Another disadvantage inherited from TCP Reno is the RTT-unfairness problem, which severely affects the performance of long-RTT flows. In this paper, we suggest enhanced TFRC for high quality video streaming over high bandwidth delay product networks. First, we propose a fast startup scheme that increases the data rate more aggressively than the slow-start, while mitigating the overshooting problem. Second, we propose a bandwidth estimation method to achieve more equitable bandwidth allocations among streaming flows that compete for the same narrow link with different RTTs. Finally, we improve the responsiveness of TFRC in the presence of severe congestion. Simulation results have shown that our proposal can achieve a fast startup and provide fairness with competing flows compared to the original TFRC. © 2014 KICS.
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Best Effort(BE), Estimation method, Fast startup, Full Bandwidth, High bandwidth delay product(High BDP), Multimedia streaming, Rate Control, Slow start, TCP reno, Transmission Control Protocol(TCP), Unicast applications