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학술지 Analysis of Directional Communication via Relaying Devices in mmWave WPANs
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김미정, 홍승은, 김진경
IEEE Communications Letters, v.16 no.3, pp.342-345
This letter analyzes the communication success probability of two randomly selected devices in mmWave wireless personal area networks (WPANs). Devices are randomly distributed in a piconet, each device is equipped with a directional antenna, and the antenna direction of each device is randomly chosen and fixed during the communication. The communication of the selected pair can be performed either directly or via relaying devices. In the analysis, the probability density function of the distance for devices is used and transmissions with ideal antenna and practical antenna are considered. Numerical results show an optimal beamwidth enables efficient spatial reuse to maximize the successful communication probability of a pair of devices. It also shows that the communication of a pair of devices is difficult when the directions of antennas of devices are fixed and the transmission through sidelobe of a transmitter gives a good effect in some circumstances. The obtained results will provide a criterion for the practical design of mmWave network systems, for implementing appliances using high data rate, and for developing the technology of mmWave band. © 2011 IEEE.
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Directional Antenna, Directional Communication, High data rate, MmWave networks, Network system, Numerical results, Practical design, Probability Density Function, Relaying devices, Success probability, Wireless personal area network(WPAN)