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학술대회 An Experimental Study of A Sub-THz Continuous Wave Generator based on Photonics without An Optical Source
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김성일, 김태용, 곽민환, 강승범, 강광용
European Microwave Conference (EuMC) 2011, pp.918-921
11PR2800, 테라헤르츠대역 전파 환경 및 무선 전송 플랫폼 기술 연구, 정태진
A sub-THz continuous wave (CW) generator based on photonics without an optical source is proposed to make an oscillator within sub-THz frequency bands. Comparing with a conventional sub-THz generator based on photonics with the optical source such as double sideband suppressed carriers, we have generated the optical sidebands separated with a wanted sub-THz frequency and photomixed them to make the sub-THz CW. In order to implement that, an optical feedback scheme with an erbium doped fiber amplifier (EDFA) is used. From measurement results, the sub-THz CW output power is 2 dB higher than that of the conventional sub-THz generator. Consequently, the proposed technique is very useful for cost effective and stable sub-THz CW generator to stimulate research activities in the sub-THz bands. © 2011 EUROPEAN MICROWAVE ASSOC.
continuous wave (CW), optical feedback, Pssive, sub-THz generator
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An experimental study, Output power, Sub-THz, THz band, THz frequency, continuous wave(CW), cost-effective, double sideband, erbium-doped fiber amplifier(EDFA), frequency band, measurement results