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학술지 The Vibrational Characteristics of the Triple-Layered Multimorph Ceramics for High Performance Piezoelectric Acoustic Actuators
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김혜진, 양우석, 노광수
Journal of Electroceramics, v.33 no.1-2, pp.53-63
The triple-layered multimorph piezoelectric acoustic actuators were fabricated and studied to investigate the effects of the electrical configurations of the piezoelectric ceramics on the voltage-displacement and frequency response characteristics. The serial and parallel polarized piezoelectric multimorph ceramics were electrically connected in two different configurations of series and parallel, respectively: the serial multimorph in series connection (SMS), the serial multimorph in parallel connection (SMP), the parallel multimorph in series connection (PMS), and the parallel multimorph in parallel connection (PMP). Then, the vibrational displacement characteristics for each type of the triple layered multimorph ceramics were investigated by Finite Element Analysis (FEA) simulation and Laser Scanning Vibrometer (LSV) measurement. The maximum resonant displacements for SMS and PMP types were measured as 2.37 and 3.6혻μm, respectively, which are at least 4.8 times higher than for SMP and PMS types. These LSV measured results were relatively in good agreement with the FEA simulated results. Moreover, due to these larger displacement characteristics, the piezoelectric acoustic actuators fabricated with the ceramics of SMS and PMP types had very high average SPLs of 83.1혻dB and 85.7혻dB at a distance of 10혻cm away, respectively, which provide over 20혻dB higher sound pressures than those for SMP and PMS types.
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As 2, Displacement characteristics, Frequency response(FreRes), Frequency response characteristics, High performance, Laser scanning vibrometer, Series connection, Vibrational displacement, parallel connection, parallel polarized, piezoelectric ceramics